Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend Plans: 1.30-2.2

Karen is off to a retreat this weekend so be sure to check the blog to hear all about the fun weekend she's got ahead of her.  

Maybe we can even talk her into providing us with some "guest bloggers"?  How about it?  Take a few pictures of the work that is being created by your fellow attendees?  Please?  pretty pretty please.  :)

As for me, a quiet weekend on tap.  I'm thinking I will shift gears and work on a few valentines.  I also need to decide whether I've got enough pictures for the SS sketch challenge for this week.  It's another layout that uses lots of photos in a 2 page spread so I'm not sure I've got anything in the current stacks.  I could always print some photos if necessary.  We shall see.

On a shopping note, a friend gave me a Michael's gift card this week.  I'd done a few small favors for her and her son during our long break and have talked to her about my "challenge".  She doesn't scrapbook but we are both working hard to reign in the family spending.  So she said "since I know you aren't buying anything yourself these days, will this help?".  YEAH when I feel the need for retail therapy I can still stay true to my challenge! 

I hope y'all have time to pursue a few crafty projects this weekend...

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