Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Popup Scrapbook

A friend found this idea and was having some problems with the directions. I decided to give it a try and realized this is a super cute and quick idea.

Using a square sheet of paper, I choose 10x10.

1. Fold the paper in half...
popup scrapbook

2. Unfold the paper and fold in half again - so there are 4 squares. Like this...

3. Next we need to cut out a square, leaving a 1 inch flap. I cut on one fold line to the middle and then cut an inch from the corresponding fold line. So we end up with this...

4. Next fold the square opposite the crease on the diagonal. It will look something like this....

5. Crease all folds in both directions to make the book easier to open and close.

6. Repeat 1-5 for the other 3 pages.

7. Now comes the tricky part. With one sheet of paper have the diagonal on the table top and fold the sides up to create a three sided box. Take the flap and put it on the back of the other square to create a free standing box. Like this...

8. Repeat for the other three pages.

9. Fold up the page, pushing the diagonal up to create a square.

10. Place glue on the top of the folded up square and put the next folded up square on top. ***Make sure the diagonals are all pointed in the same direction.*** When all 4 squares are glued together the two outside squares are the covers. This is how the album will look fold up.

11. Open up the squares with the diagonal squares on the table top. It will look something like this....

12. This is how the album will look with the covers together - a ribbon tie or velcro could be used to keep the album open.

Good luck and let us know what you end up creating!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Creations over football

I worked on these while watching football last weekend and this weekend.

One hour scarf pattern - pretty simple and easy for me to make while I was visiting Mom in the hospital.


Football banner - I worked on the footballs while my Mom was in surgery. This was a great project because I kept busy and I didn't have to think too much. I finally got them stitched together this weekend.

Close up of the footballs


Super simple Boo banner - I saw this idea online and it was very easy to make. I used the Cricut Cursive cart.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Creative weekend

I spent a lot of time relaxing and creating this weekend. No paper crafts this time, other crafts were calling.

I've been wanting to make a fall banner but wanted to do something besides "happy fall" "happy harvest", etc. I read Elsie's blog and thought about making her leaf banner. Thinking of my family I changed it to footballs.


I cut them out of felt and I used embroidery floss to chain three together to get my DH's opinion. Then I got the rest cut out. I need some busy work later this week and this will totally fit the bill.


I found the Hope pattern free on a blog and love how it turned out. I framed it tonight and I'm going to put it on my desk at work.

My mom had some projects for me too....

a little fall basket for my aunts entry way

a little wreath for my aunts front door.

I love that my mom introduced me to a lot of different crafts/hobbies growing up. For as long as I can remember we have been creating things for decorations or gifts. I don't remember what I learned first sewing, arranging flowers, knitting or embroidery. I told her this weekend that I have too many hobbies but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Christmas file folder planner

I'm planning ahead for Christmas this year and want to make most of the gifts I give. I decided to make some of these Christmas file folder planners - limiting myself to things I have on hand. The idea has been around for awhile and they are very easy to make.

I ended up using some of my favorite papers and snowman sticker but I'm OK with it because I know these will get some use. I left mine fairly simple because I'm planning on them being a purse planner.

Here's all three planners:

I embellished the front of one:

The inside of the stripped cover:

The inside of the ornament cover:

The inside of the green cover:

If this has inspired you to create your own planner, please leave us a comment and a link to your blog.

I'm off to decide which planner I want to keep. I had an idea but I love them all!

Included below are the instructions and where I found the calendar & page inserts.

1) Use a two pocket folder without the three ring holder. Mine had the three ring holder but it was stapled in so I gently took it out.
2) Optional: I chose to make my folder shorter so I took off about 2 in at the top. I went just above the top staple - my folder has 3 staples.
3) Fold the folder open so that the outside's are touching and the pockets are out.
4) Find the mid point of one pocket side and gently score from the top of the folder to the bottom. Do the same thing on the other side.
5) On one pocket side, fold so that the outside edge meets the middle of the folder. Repeat for the second pocket.
6) Attach a ribbon or string to the original outside edges of the folder. This will be used to tie the folder closed.
7) Cover the folder, outside and in with your favorite papers. I used a glue stick, others have used glue, mod podge or other adhesives.

I chose to line the inside of the folder with one sheet of paper and not do the pockets. A lot of people line the inside of each pocket and the pockets with different coordinating papers.

I found the calendar and other sheets at Organized Christmas. I trimmed 1/2 in off each side and the bottom. Leaving the 1/2 in at the top so that I could fold over my colored paper. I trimmed the white sheets to three inches across. I made the colored backing 4 x 9 inches and folded over a 1/2 so the total height is 8.5 in. I used brads to hold everything together. I recommend flat brads or staples - I didn't use those and it's a little bulky at the top.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Iowa county fair

This year I decided to enter some items in the community section of the county fair. I took two pictures and two scrapbook pages that were judged together. I was pretty happy with my results considering I've never had anything judged.


The red matted picture of Buddie had a comment of "nicely presented Blue". At first I wasn't going to enter this picture because he had the doggie hollow eye but I love the pic. I'm glad the judges could see past that.

The ornament picture had a comment of "no center of interest red". Whatever I love the picture and will enjoy having it on my wall during the holiday season.

The scrapbook pages had a comment of "good craftsmanship well done Blue" I think these were the only scrapbook pages entered so the comment made me happy. Plus I had 2 things that were cut over both pages.

All in all it was an interesting experience. Next year I will be more particular about the pictures I take if I take any. I really want a pink ribbon so I need to research what's needed to get that. Hopefully I can plan ahead. =)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Forget Stella, Martha got her groove back...

I'm feeling a bit like Momma Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  This morning when I went into the craft room and started working, I discovered many of my assorted adhesives were bone dry.  Hmmm, I haven't made anything in a long time, how could that be?  Oh yes, my birthday last week...and I received many beautiful handmade cards from my family.  Oh well:  twas for a good cause (and like any good crafter, I had refills handy...the men just don't know how to change an empty roll.  See, you thought that just happened in the bathroom.  Nope, it happens everywhere!)
This first card is one I was "hired" to make.  That's something I've started to do for friends:  they need a specialty card?  They ask me and I make one.  I've not decided how to charge for this.  So far, we've been working on a bartering economy and it seems to be working just fine.  Buzz is apparently entering the battle of his life:  cancer.  ENOUGH I say, enough with this blasted disease!
These cards are creations of my own challenge.  I decided rather than put away the supplies that were sitting in my scrap basket of leftovers, I would just use what was there.  Most, if not all, were from a CTMH set called Perfect Day.  The base colors are pastel and a bit too "blah" for my own personal preferences (I prefer more of the earthy tones).  But I do like how they turned out.

Oh no, the children have found me...I guess that's it for today.  But just like Arnold, I'll be BAAAAAACK I promise!  

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Practical Scrappers new blog

I found a link to this on a friends blog and it fits in with what Martha and I are trying to accomplish - scrapping your stash. We've both been sidetracked this summer but I have a feeling we're going to come on strong when fall hits.

I look forward to following the Practical Scrappers blog and being challenged to use the supplies I already have.

~ Karen

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas Planner

It's Christmas in July! Can you believe in 5 short months it will be Christmas?

In 2007 I heard a great idea....making a christmas planner. A way to organize and consolidate my all of my notes and ideas on Christmas. And to organize all of my totes full of decorations. I'm not at liberty to disclose the amount of decorations stored in my garage and basement but there are more than 5 boxes. ;)

I've been revising what my binder contains and I think I finally have my perfect solution.

Christmas Planner


I have the following tabs:
0) Index

1) Calendar and to do list - this is where I'll have my plan for decorating and everything going on in the holiday months.

2) Advice & Tips - all of the articles on great stocking stuffers and how to re leave holiday stress, etc. etc. etc.

3) Debriefing - each year I answer a set of questions - what went right, what needs to change or be improved, did I feel comfortable with my gift giving, what would I change. That kind of thing - I think it will be fun to look back over this.

4) Crafts - because I always have lots of grand ideas on holiday gifts. =)

5) Recipes & Baking - all of my favorite holiday recipes - some are duplicates from my recipe box and it makes planning much easier. Hmmm, I just realized I need to make a yearly summary area so I can track what we Loved, Liked or want to skip. (I so want to get the CTMH stamp set with the coffee cup ring just so I can add it to this page.)

6) Holiday Favorites - lists of some of our favorite things about the holidays. Events, movies, music.

7) Holiday Collections - Need to get my lists of all my different ornament collections in here.

8) Past Christmas Cards - an image of the cards we've sent in the prior year. I don't like to send out the same thing each year.

9) Christmas Card List - who we've sent cards to and received cards from. With addresses.

10) Card Ideas - notes on what I want to do for cards.

11) Past Decorating - pictures and descriptions of how I've decorated in the past.

12) Decorating ideas - I love pulling ideas for decorating my house. This is a list of my current favorites and things I'd like to try this year.

13) Decor Inventory - My master list of all of my different totes and boxes. Their color, label and what is in the box. I've tried to organize all of my christmas decs by room so that I can decorate a room at a time. It mostly works.

14) My Wish List - All of the wish lists - mine and the families.

15) Gift Ideas - my list of ideas and a tracker for what's needed.

16) Gift Inventory - list of all the stuff I have packed away for gifts.

17) Receipts - all the receipts for this year incase of returns.

18) Wrapping - How to pack things for shipping, decorative wrapping ideas, etc.

19) New Years - our list of new years resolutions.

20) Master Lists - copies of all the forms I've gathered for this book.

Wow that's a lot of stuff.

I love that this is a working binder, a scrapbook and an idea book. And I look forward to looking back over this each year. I hope that some day we have children and can use this to make our own traditions and keep track of everything.

Looking back this was the start of my use your stash challenge. I was determined to create this using some of the christmas scrapbook papers and stamps that I'd collected and never used. I love the simplicity and homespun feel.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

cake, again.

Last week I had my final cake 3 class and we learned how to stack cakes. The teacher told us we could do what ever we wanted.

Here is my cake:

I was very happy with how it turned out.

Next up is class two and learning how to make more flowers....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We interupt this challenge...

to pause for Summer Break.

I didn't intend to take time off this summer...but I'm finding myself pulled in other directions. Directions I want to be pulled so it is all good (hello: nothing says summer quite like a good book, a cold glass of lemonade, sitting in a comfy chair and watching the clouds pass by).

I hope to return to my crafty ways in early August.
But until then...see what's happening over on the Family Blog.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got Cake?

We do!

Finished Course 1 a few weeks ago and this was my final cake - Loved making Wilton Roses once I figured out how to hold the tip.


Now we're on to Course 3, I'll take course 2 next.

This class introduced me to fondant - not so sure I like working with it but mine turned out awesome. The teacher was shocked at how well I did.

So without further ado I present my present

And this is why my scrapbooking and card making has been on a decline.

Anyone want to place an order?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cleaning up

Wk 16:  Finally blogger didn't try to tilt it on its side.  (Original sketch came fromPage Maps, Jan 09)

SS Sketch Challenge:  Wk17 (this was a BH sketch, pg.  182)
  While it isn't one of my recent favorites, I am pleased with how I was able to highlight several different events in one sketch and I am glad I took the time to add the journaling.  The best part is that it is D.O.N.E. and I can move on to something else.  

Off I go...taking off my crafting hat and putting on the administrative assistant hat...the pile of stuff that needs to be filed and sorted is HUGE and before I can pay bills I need to get a handle on the chaos.  

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bit of progress

I finished two layouts yesterday...which given the number of interruptions to the day, I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment.  

and while I have hopes of getting a couple more pages done today, I thought I'd share one with you.  the other one I tried to upload but Blogger kept turning the image for me and I'm not up for the challenge of dealing with Blogger today (my younger son pushed every button I had left to be pushed yesterday so I'm all out of patience...).  


Saturday, May 30, 2009


Honest, I haven't lost my's just buried pretty far down on the to-do list.
I did get one layout started last weekend and distracted with a good book (Diane Mott Davidson's culinary mystery, Grilling Season).

I'm hoping to get the area picked up and get back to at least this project later in the weekend.

But then again...the sun is out and the neighborhood pool is who knows what will really make it to the top of my to-do list!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Creatively this weekend took a different track than I expected. I ended up making 3 cakes and got no scrapping time in.

Here are 2 cakes I put together for my husband to take to work. The girls all loved it.


The third cake is for my class tomorrow - which reminds me I still need to finish the frosting and make more frosting. My mixer and I are so tired!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello? Anyone home?

Yep, Karen is right..we've both found ourselves taking other paths of late.  Crafting has always been something I do for "me".  And with Spring, I continue to make time for me but it's been in the flower boxes and on the couch with a good book (or two...).  

So while I've not been cranking out the crafts, I am feeling rested, refreshed and energized, making time for activities that make me happy...even if not in the craft room.

This weekend I would like to get back to a couple scrapbook projects that are sitting off to the side of the desk.  The weather forecast is such that outdoor activities are iffy as the day progresses from morning to afternoon so I think I just might manage a page or two.

So, for my weekend goals, I hope to work on 2 sketch challenges and see what Creative Challenges Amy has made over on her area.  If I get these 3 things tackled, I could easily see myself very fulfilled and still have time for a good book on the couch!  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life overload

I think both Martha and I are a little overwhelmed with non crafting responsibilities right now. Plus the big holiday weekend is fast approaching. My mom is still waiting for me to take her on the cemetery rounds. It's something I enjoy - a small connection with 3 generations of my family.

I had another cake class this week. The teacher said I had great improvement over last week. We started making roses - not to sure about those.

Here is my clown cake...
Cake 2

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catching up....

A few weeks ago when I was on a mini vacation to my sister in laws house (we lovingly refer to it as Hotel M.) and she has an awesome craft room where I set up for a morning card making session. My juju wasn't flowing but I came home with these cards


I gave them to my secret sister as part of my big reveal gift and she loved them so much she's not sure she can send them out. :) That and the drool a lot of ladies were doing helped me out a lot!

Last week I started a new adventure. A friend and I signed up for cake decorating 101. I've played around with it before but wanted to learn the right techniques and I want to learn to make roses. :) Monday I decorated my first cake. Now no laughing. I know my letters aren't spaced right and they are wobbly. I was tired of being crammed into to 2 feet of space while the lady to my left had one six foot table and another 6 inches of mine. sigh! She so did not follow the towel marks my area rule.

Any way without further ado here it is...

I thought I'd mark the cake as mine since I didn't get a Momma's Day card from Buddie.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Archivers update

I did pretty good on my adventure to Archivers. I could have been bad...very very bad...but I exercised self control.  

I bought myself a card kit from Basic Grey.  And look, here they are, already finished.  Yeah me!  The kit was pretty easy and I suppose, all the ideas are things I could have come up with on my own.  But, it was a nice change to have had all the cutting and scoring already done.  A little bit of adhesive and boom...8 cards finished in under an hour!  Can't beat that! 

Now I"m off to help supervise Thing Two's social studies report.  He's most excited to cut out a title using the cricuit machine.  

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wish me luck...

I'm heading over to the area of town where the Archivers is.

...with a coupon in hand and permission to "pick out your own Mother's Day present".
(which is really the best thing to give me:  permission to shop)

................this could be bad, very bad indeed....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Plans May 2-3

Well, Karen is on the road this weekend...with hopes of making some cards.  How dedicated is that?  
As for me, I'm spending today (Saturday) cleaning through some stuff here in the craft room.  I ordered photos mid-week and wasn't sure they would arrive in time to do anything with them this weekend (they were just delivered about 1/2 hr ago).  But, I've already  committed myself to cleaning up some odds/ends projects.

Once I can clear out the mess, I hope to find my mojo buried underneath it all and get back to the joy of scrapbooking.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wrapping things up...

Looking at the schedule for this week, I know I won't get to any more crafting for the month, so I decided to add up my pages done.  33 pages completed.  I believe that's a personal best for me. Granted it might not be 100% accurate.  Some of those might have been done late March and I'm too lazy to figure out exactly which ones go where.    Regardless they are pages done and ready for sharing.  

More exciting for me is that this last layout, with my Things and their cousins, is the ending page for the baby album.  I always love it when I finish a project and it is all set to be mailed off to my SIL.

Hubby was being rather silly when I showed him the completed baby album.  He ooh'd and aah'd appropriately and then without cracking a smile he remarked "Too bad our kids don't have anything like this"...I almost started to offer my rebuttal when he cracked a smile and I realized he was teasing me.   

Now I really must get to ordering some new pictures.  Because, gasp, if I don't...I'm not really sure I have anything ready to pull out and work on when the next opportunity presents itself.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Plans: 25-26 April...

When your craft desk looks like this jumbled mess (yes, it is a slightly blurry photo, but it sort of diminishes the real life horror of it, thank you very much...) it's hard to have motivation, much less a plan.

First order of business is to clean off the desk and figure out how many pages I need to do to finish up the nephew's baby gift album.  I'm down to those last few layouts:  which are often the hardest, you know?  I want to make sure the whole story is told in terms of Baby N's first month of life.  

Next up will be to  plan out  and order photos for my next project.  
What shall I work on?  I think I"d like to work on updating the Things School albums.  I wait until the end of each school year to update the year all at one time.  It makes it easier for me to feature the highlights and keep from "over-doing" the year.  Only problem is, we're fast approaching the end of the current school year, and I've yet to update their books with the previous grade's events.  

So off  I go...
Oh, one final case you ever wondered:  those plastic sheets that cover your cricuit mat?  Are very slick and slippery if you step on one that has been carelessly tossed on the low pile carpet here in the basement.  The good news is nobody witnessed my tumble.  The bad news is, I"m icing and propping up my ankle...hoping I didn't twist it!  :(

Friday, April 24, 2009

Help I've fallen...

and I can't get up...
no wait,  let me rephrase that:  I don't want to get up...

You see I went to Michaels today to pick up adhesive....and well, a few more things fell into my basket.  Most of it was on clearance.  A few things were on sale.  But all of it looked too pretty to pass up!