Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random musings - retreat, power layouts, pictures

I'm going to a retreat next weekend and thought I should start planning what I'm going to take. Generally I take way too much to the local retreats and this year I want to keep it simple.

Last night I spent 4 or 5 hours putting together 35 pages for the retreat next week - finding a sketch and picking the papers. I have a feeling I'm not going to like my last few pages since I was in the just get it done mode. 35 is the most pages I've completed at a retreat so I'm hoping I can rock these out.

As I was laying all of these out I noticed a trend in my picture taking and printing. I tend to print 2-3 photos for each event, one horizontal and one vertical. Usually they can't be trimmed down much so it is hard to think up new page ideas.

On the retreat front I'm trying to decide if I really want to take some of my alternate projects with. And if I do which one? The Olympic album, December Daily, card stuff?

So many options. I think I'm going to leave out the cards since that means a lot of stamping stuff. The Olympic album maybe, it's contained into one box and just needs some solid cardstock backgrounds. The December Daily is one I really want to get done - all of my 08 Christmas photos are going in this album. Only thing is this is in 3 different boxes and requires stamps.


Since I like to pack small lighter weight bags I'm hoping to limit myself to 3 or 4 bags, along with a suitcase and a bag for treats. =)

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Martha said...

Do you want some feedback and help processing? If so, I say take the stuff for the December daily album. It's still winter and the weather will be a nice inspiration for such a project. I have a hard time working on photos "off season". And emotionally, it will feel very uplifting to get this #1 project tackled sooner rather than later. Yes, it requires more "stuff" but taking that stuff is worth it, ya know? And bringing the stamps to work on a set project is a bit different than bringing random stamps with no clear purpose. You'll use it all I"m sure!

Bottom line: have fun, ok?