Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Resisted temptation...

I've been feeling blah the past couple of days.  Most likely it's because I'm into week 5 of the Things being out of school/off track and our routine is totally gone.  So, I felt the urge to do a little retail therapy this morning.

Walked into Michaels thinking I'd find a little something to perk up my spirits.
Walked through the SB stuff, spotted some really amazing deals (dollar days sale is going on).
And then...I walked out...totally empty handed.

As I looked at the pretty stuff, all I could picture was all the stash I have at home.  It isn't that I lack supplies to create, more often I lack motivation/desire/time to scrapbook.  And those issues won't be solved by shopping more.

So instead, I went to the next store and bought myself a brand new box of PG Tips (not good to have only 3 tea bags left with a snowstorm forecasted for later in the week) and resolved to fix myself a pot of tea and make time to scrapbook with the stash I already have!  


Lee said...

Good for you! Mind you, whenever I walk into Michael's with the INTENT of purchasing something, I too end up walking out empty handed.

And, I had NO IDEA that your break was this long. Five WEEKS? What in the world? You're a good woman, Martha. I don't know how you do it.

Karen said...

Go Martha! I'm so proud of you. =)

Cyn M said...

PG TIps sounds good to me! That is our Tea of Choice here!
Now, tell me, what have you done today in the Scrapping Department???