Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wrapping up the month

SS Challenge #8


Journaling is simple "My Skippy boy". Bud loves to clean out the mostly empty peanut butter container.

SS Challenge #9


Pictures from last summer of my street, the view from the driveway and the back yard.

The picture of the tree in the bottom middle on the left shows scratch marks from a deer. Wish he would have left his antlers.

Journaling is "The world's favorite season is spring. All things seem possible in May. Teale"

Feb 12 on the 12th


The journaling will go in the white space on the RHS. I'm typing it out and need ink for the printer.

Also got mostly caught up on the pj 365 pages - again need some ink so I can print some more pics.

Our challenges
Altered 4 mailboxes for valentines day, three for us and one for a secret sis.

Made Valentines cards for my sweeties - posted earlier here on the blog.

FEB totals


YTD Page total = 140

So now I'm caught up on the SS Sketch challenges (I think)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Plans: 27 Feb- 1 March

Wow, did this week go by quickly or what?  Oh forget about the week, more like this month has sped by.  It dawned on me yesterday morning I needed to pay  my property taxes.  (yeah, why give them their $ a moment too soon?).  I knew I had until the end of the month... it just hadn't dawned on me that tomorrow is the end of the month.  Luckily, I dropped the check in the mail and the fine print assures me all I need is a postmark by the 1st of March so I should be all good to go with the tax collectors.  

That same feeling of UH OH  is applied to this month's Scrap our Stash challenge.  I was to have altered an item.  I had something in mind, I just never got around to it.  And I've decided not to fret...unlike paying taxes, these challenges are just "if you are so inclined" least I"m hoping Karen won't assess me a penalty for doing my altered item a little bit late.  Right, Karen?  

As for this weekend, I'm not sure what I'll get accomplished.  Tomorrow is a day of scouting activities so I fear I'll be putting the crafty pursuits on the back burner.  I think tomorrow I'll work on getting my totals for the month finalized and submitted.  If I can accomplish more than that, I'll consider it a bonus.  

And Sunday marks a new month...not sure what's on the agenda for the rest of the family, but I"d like to get at least the SS challenge done Sunday morning.  We shall see.

So, do share...what are  your plans for the weekend?  

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Got Mojo?

Wow...I sure have had  a good healthy dose of crafting mojo this weekend.  I can't remember when I was this productive over just a regular weekend.  And more importantly, I can't recall when I have been this  pleased with how my layouts  all turned out.  Seems like lately, I've just been "ah, at least they are done", but for a couple of these...I'm really excited about the final results.

I think a lot is a reflection of the  pictures:  I had a lot of good pictures to choose from, and was scrapbooking one of my favorite places to go:  our neighborhood pool.  We really do live in a great neighborhood!  
This first layout is from SS Sketch challenge wk6.  I didn't have enough photos to make it a 2 page spread.  So, one side is my birthday, and the other is just a summary page of my neighborhood gal pals.  You probably can't read the journaling, but Hubby calls us "The coven".  Pretty accurate description.  We enjoy stirring the pot and cast spells on those that annoy us!  :)
The second one is from GaCyn's challenge, wk 7 I think on SS.  Love my Things and love this photo of them.  Rare that they both cooperate and to be wearing their Thing shirts, well, that was a double blessing!  

These two are from our annual Party in the Park celebration.  Didn't use a sketch, gasp...did this one ALL on my own.  It was easy...the bright colors worked well, and again...I'm so happy doing layouts of my neighborhood.  
This was the last one for the weekend.  Just a Hodge podge of photos that I wanted to scrapbook but didn't really warrant their own layouts.  OMG:  that must be a mistake...I fear I finally managed to get a picture of Hubby!   He's even less willing to have his photo taken than moi!  

And finally, the SS challenge, wk 8.  It's from a BH sketch that I've used many of times.  I'm excited I was able to stamp in the corner of the RHS.  That stamp set is from a CTMH set, from?last month...Key to my heart.  Love the swirlies!  

And well...with this, I must clean up my space and shift gears...I would like to get a few pages done on the baby album.  but, it was fun to spend the weekend working on my own family pages.  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Plans: 21-22 Feb

For starters, Karen, when/if you read heartfelt condolences to you and Boyd.  I know this week has been hard on you, and the weekend will be even harder as you say your final goodbyes to your beloved BIL/father-figure.  Hang in there...try to celebrate the small gift that comes with a you gather together with friends and family and share the many stories of L.    
And if at all possible, try to take a photo or aunt gave me quite the evil eye when I snapped some photos at my mom's funeral...but you know what?  Those photos are some of my most treasured memories of that very sad time in our live.  I look back and remember how so many of our friends and families stopped their own busy lives to mourn with us.  Without those pictures,  I don't think I'd have that many "happy" memories, ya know?  :)

And as for me, my plans this weekend do not involve a funeral...
Instead, I'm hoping to get some caught up on some of the SS sketch challenges and figure out my plans for the next batch of photos that arrived this past week.  YOWZA, my line up of projects is pretty darn long.

So enough with the chatter...I'm off to start the day...

Monday, February 16, 2009

The last from the weekend...

I finished up these two sketch challenges this morning.  (From the BOBecky Higgins and a page map from ?Feb. 07).  The second sketch (Math Masters) was a real challenge for me.  Taking pictures at school assemblies is tricky and I never get a shot that I"m pleased with.  But these assemblies are a big part of the Things elementary years so I felt the need to document and journal what I had.  I've tried everything to get a clearer shot and it just doesn't seem to work with the lighting in the cafeteria, the movement of the children and the general sense of chaos during this event.  Go with what you have and be done with it...that's my motto of late.
I've cleaned off the desk and will likely pack things up until the next weekend.  I could make the time to scrapbook during the week but it never feels right.  Weekends are when I do my best work...I just need to live with this reality.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend happenings

Boyd's Card

SS Sketch Challenge #7

SS Sketch Challenge #6

SS Sketch Challenge #5

Fun layout

I accomplished more than I expected over the weekend. Caught up on the sketch challenges, got the Valentines done, organized my pictures to scrap, and went through my scraps and got them filed.

Boyd and I were talking on Saturday night and he was wondering if we should move my scrapping area to the basement. I love it's current location, one level down from the main level (we have a 4 level split) and I'm right infront of a large window. I think I just need to repurpose a few more things and get it to where I want it. :D


photos ordered from WinkFlash.

I'm hoping for continued scrapbooking motivation to work through this new stack.
I admit, I'm not necessarily going to scrapbook them all.  I was lazy today and just uploaded the photos without putting much effort into editing the photos to decide which are crop worthy...

But at least the photos got ordered.

I opted to play "fun mom" today instead of hiding out in my basement.  Took the boys swimming so didn't get to all the things on my to do list.  But, am happy to have kids all tuckered out from 3 hours at the rec center.  

And tomorrow is a holiday so who knows...I might make time for myself...we shall see...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brag Book 5x7

I've had this project on my stack for....well, way too long.  But today I told myself the time had come.  Just do it...and while it isn't exactly as I imagined it to look, I"m grateful to have the project done.

These photos were from almost 2 years ago (5.07 and 6.07).    My friend Marcie turned 40 and we had a couple different events planned that celebrated this big day for her.  The highlight for me was our weekend of cropping.  Now, I could be wrong, but I fear that was the last time I went to a weekend retreat that didn't involve packing a suitcase and catching a plane.  
That simply needs to has been TOO long.

Back to the project at hand.  I'll make a card and take the entire project and mail it to her.  Sure, she really does live just around the corner...but I can only imagine the smile it will bring to her face to go check her mail next week and find this memory book waiting for her.  
Practice Random Acts of kindness...even in the scrapbooking variety and even if the event occurred way too long ago...the thought will still be appreciated I'm sure of that!  

PS:  I have no idea what the letters on the title page  stand for...she's a huge a rocker and she and her BFF, Debbie go to loads of concerts.  This is something they came up inside joke of sorts.  I'd wanted to do more of a Bon Jovi theme (since she would like to be Mrs. Bon Jovi should that ever present itself as an option) but with this size of an album there isn't much room for added details.  So, I just used the DCWV Rock Star paper and kept things rather simple.  Simple and done:  ain't nothing wrong with that!  And the cost involved:  nada, since like I said...I'd bought all the stuff way too long ago...just needed to take time to put it all together.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend Plans: 13-15 Feb's Friday and the weekends are traditionally my time to craft.  
Nothing special planned this weekend (we aren't big on the whole Valentines Day:  sure, I'll make dinner and open a bottle of wine but that's about as much hoopla as we create).  Hopefully I'll get some crafting done.  Life got in the way last weekend so I'm more than ready to take time for myself this weekend.  

I'd really like to finish up a project I started a few weeks ago, make a couple baby album pages and order some photos.

I'd also like to catch up on the SS sketch challenges.  I think I"m three weeks behind at this point.

So, what are you plans this weekend?  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Use your stash: The Kid Edition

We're almost done with the construction of the Valentines.  I"m impressed with how into all of this Thing Two has been.  And I'm even more pleased with my ability to let go of my inner Martha and let him create his own thing.  

One thing is certain, there is nothing predictable about the cards he has created!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creating Keepsakes

Do you get this magazine?  I do and the newest copy arrived in the mail yesterday...just in the nick of time.  The cover idea is tips for getting organized.  Talk about being perfectly timed!  

As for Operation Clean Out the Closet, I'm at a good "pausing point" and tomorrow I've promised the Things we'll work on their Valentines.   I found this rather amusing:  "Mom, we need to make our Valentines.  Store bought ones are so predictable!" remarked Thing Two.  Yep, they are my boys in terms of their preference for the homemade card.

So that's what's on tap for me this weekend....Valentine-palooza!  I'll share a few of our results once we're done!  

Hope you find time for a few crafty pursuits as well this weekend!  :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Challenges

Reposting the February Challenges from earlier this year.

Perhaps I speak just for myself, but I know in my closet, I have stacks of stuff that I hope to alter some day. There are composition books, coasters, even some wooden letters...all waiting for me to alter and make a work of art using my SB supplies. This is the month to pull out that non-scrapbook project and alter away. Again, once you are done, share it with us. Keep it for yourself, or give it matters not....just do it!
~ Martha

Make a valentine to give to your sweetie card/page/altered item.
~ Karen

Retreat summary

I had a great time at our retreat this weekend. I accomplished more pages than I ever dreamed I would. Sorry for not posting pics but I was in the grove.

I finished 74 pages for myself. My December Daily/Christmas album is totally complete and I finished all of the layouts I had preplanned.

I also finished 5 Disney pages for a friend. On Sat I was tired of scrapping my own pics and she was moaning about all the pics she had left. She wanted to finish her album before her next trip in March so I was all to happy to help out.

Talked to Amy and peaked her interest on our take of the challenge. That it's all about using what you have on hand and not holding out for that perfect paper or embellishment. And that I (not sure about Martha) will still shop - cause usually when I find cute papers at the LSS if I don't pick them up I can't find them again.

I need to take some pics of my favorite layouts - some need a few finishing details.

Pausing my challenge

The time has come.  I can put it off no longer.  
I'm sure we all have some huge mess that we'd rather just close the door on than address.  Such is the case with the closet in the "craft shack".  I'll pick it up from time to time but lately, even that hasn't had much of a long lasting event.

What it needs is a good old fashioned "clean sweep" approach.  So, that's the big project on tap for this week.  

To keep me honest, I'll share my before photos.  
And I've challenged myself:  No playing until this space is in a presentable and orderly state.  
Much as I'd rather play...I know I need to tackle this space.  

Knowing this is my new project, I lost all crafting mojo this weekend.  It's really not that bad as I have spent time with the Things (we went to the park yesterday) and today we're off to a Super Bowl party.  But, I just didn't have it in me to craft since I know such a big project awaits me.

If I can stay on task and focused, I"m hoping to be back in the groove of crafting later this week.  We shall see...If you don't hear from me soon, send in the reinforcements...but not my hubby.  He has NO idea what a mess this closet would not be good to have my secret exposed!