Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wrapping things up...

Looking at the schedule for this week, I know I won't get to any more crafting for the month, so I decided to add up my pages done.  33 pages completed.  I believe that's a personal best for me. Granted it might not be 100% accurate.  Some of those might have been done late March and I'm too lazy to figure out exactly which ones go where.    Regardless they are pages done and ready for sharing.  

More exciting for me is that this last layout, with my Things and their cousins, is the ending page for the baby album.  I always love it when I finish a project and it is all set to be mailed off to my SIL.

Hubby was being rather silly when I showed him the completed baby album.  He ooh'd and aah'd appropriately and then without cracking a smile he remarked "Too bad our kids don't have anything like this"...I almost started to offer my rebuttal when he cracked a smile and I realized he was teasing me.   

Now I really must get to ordering some new pictures.  Because, gasp, if I don't...I'm not really sure I have anything ready to pull out and work on when the next opportunity presents itself.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Plans: 25-26 April...

When your craft desk looks like this jumbled mess (yes, it is a slightly blurry photo, but it sort of diminishes the real life horror of it, thank you very much...) it's hard to have motivation, much less a plan.

First order of business is to clean off the desk and figure out how many pages I need to do to finish up the nephew's baby gift album.  I'm down to those last few layouts:  which are often the hardest, you know?  I want to make sure the whole story is told in terms of Baby N's first month of life.  

Next up will be to  plan out  and order photos for my next project.  
What shall I work on?  I think I"d like to work on updating the Things School albums.  I wait until the end of each school year to update the year all at one time.  It makes it easier for me to feature the highlights and keep from "over-doing" the year.  Only problem is, we're fast approaching the end of the current school year, and I've yet to update their books with the previous grade's events.  

So off  I go...
Oh, one final case you ever wondered:  those plastic sheets that cover your cricuit mat?  Are very slick and slippery if you step on one that has been carelessly tossed on the low pile carpet here in the basement.  The good news is nobody witnessed my tumble.  The bad news is, I"m icing and propping up my ankle...hoping I didn't twist it!  :(

Friday, April 24, 2009

Help I've fallen...

and I can't get up...
no wait,  let me rephrase that:  I don't want to get up...

You see I went to Michaels today to pick up adhesive....and well, a few more things fell into my basket.  Most of it was on clearance.  A few things were on sale.  But all of it looked too pretty to pass up!  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Scrapping Party

Feeling Scrappy is having a birthday party. And they are giving away presents. Go check it out!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

While the snow continues to fall...

These are two cards I made for Amy's Creative Challenge.  We were challenged to use 4 colors of CTMH card stock.  

I've finished my 6 pages already.  YEAH ME!  They are basic and simple but that's ok...the photos my SIL/BIL take are so good, really...all  they need is to be put into the album.  The pictures tell the story.  I just put them on pieces of paper.  
I hope to get back to this project but now want to take a break and go play in the snow.

Here's what I did...

Weekend Plans: 18-19 April?

I just finished up a couple cards for Amy's color challenge.  I couldn't do layouts because well...aside from some photos for my nephew's baby album,  I don't have much left in my stash.  I had decided awhile ago to print pictures in smaller batches and when I finished up FL '08 two weeks ago, that pretty much completed the current stack.  And I've been too unmotivated to print new photos.

So, that leaves just one project to work on this weekend:  the baby album for the nephew.  It's been way too long since I've even looked at this project so I need to get my rear in gear and crank out some pages.

Wish me luck:  I'd like to finish 6 pages (3-2 pg spreads.).  Since it is a gift album, I don't journal so that should make this a realistic goal.

And then, back to I don't know what...maybe order some pictures.
If so, does anyone know of some good deals online?  the only place I don't like is Sams Club.  Without fail they mess up my order in some way or fashion.  Yes, they are the most convenient but I pay the price every time I take a short cut and use them.  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scrapping time

I had some time on Saturday afternoon to get some scrapping done. I was motivated to get caught up on all the SS sketch challenges since another message board is starting a new challenge on Monday.

Here are my favs...

Nephew 1

Nephew 2

I love my nephews to bits but after scrapping baseball and football for them, my mom and me - well I'm tired of black and orange! Any advice from other mom's who do lots of school photos? I think my biggest problem is how to use them without it feeling like halloween.

Finished the latest challenge on Saturday night after my family Easter dinner.



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Plans: April 11-12th

I would love to find time to play this weekend but I don't see it happening.
I've got Easter lunch here and I need to clean off the craft table so that...well, I can re-purpose it for the eating.

Next weekend will be better suited for playing.
This weekend:  it's about making time for family and friends...and making my house presentable for them!

What's on your agenda?  :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


We spent the weekend with my husbands sister and her family. At the last minute I threw in some card making supplies. I had fun working on cards Friday night and Saturday morning.

I took a bunch of stamps and the only papers were the Creative Memories storybox sets and my cardstock bases. Used a bunch of stamps for the first time and no new techniques.

Saturday cards

The middle card in the top row - I need to add a cream colored circle to the gold circle.

Sunday cards

I tried to make the theme pretty generic so I can use them for any occasion. Having a limited amount of paper was an interesting challenge for me. At times I was frustrated with the papers available but I'm happy that I made it work and got a nice stack of cards.

My supply is growing and it makes me happy.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Florida memories..

A cold Spring day here.  We were to have gotten a lot of snow but luckily that part of the storm fizzled and all we have is cold and windy.  A good day for going to FL...if just in my memories.
Still working through the stack from our Vacation in January 08. 
What did I use:  well, sketches of course.  I fear I don't scrap without them any more.
I used some paper from K & Co. called Roam series.  SHHH:  I bought it new last month.  
Sure, Use your stash...but when you see a great clearance sale on something you know you'll use and is just right for your style and color interests, then get it is my interpretation of this year long challenge
The other stuff is from CTMH Emporium series.  I love this paper set and find myself wanting to hoard it.  Um, hello...that's the part of this challenge I"m really embracing...NOT hoarding stuff, use it now.  If you totally love it and need more later on, then get it...but don't wait...use it
(that's my own little pep talk, feel free to move on...I know, you are only here for the pictures...)

This marks the end of my work for today.  I see the sun shining in on the couch and feel a nap is a good way to finish up the afternoon.  Maybe tomorrow I can get back down here and finish up my FL adventure.  

Weekend plans

Ahh the weekend is here again. I was lucky and only worked a half a day on Friday and took a little vacation time. We are at my SIL's house - I call it a hotel because we have our own cozy room with a fire place and they let us bring Buddie. The food and conversation is awesome and we spend time relaxing and being a family.

This time, since I usually get a little fidgety I brought along some card making supplies. DH rolled his eyes a little but put it in the car anyway. Last night and this morning I've been busy making cards at the dining room table. Everyone else is in the connected living room and the conversation has been flowing. Almost like a retreat.

So I finished five or so cards last night and three so far this morning. And the only papers I brought were my CM storybox sets...note to self next time remember some additional white cardstock.

I hope that everyone is having a nice and relaxing weekend. We will head home tomorrow afternoon and hope to avoid the yucky weather coming.