Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inspiration Station

I was visiting this blog and the writer talked about creating a valentines day inspiration station.

I love this idea, I did the same thing at Christmas when I was working on my December Daily album. It made my process so much easier. I didn't have the cute container and I wasn't able to keep them on my desk.

To have them on my desk to look at and be inspired by would be awesome.

Off to contimplate how I could do this and I'll post a picture if I come up with something.....inspiring. ;)

1 comment:

Martha said...

OOOO....I likey, I likey!
I've never thought to do this before. The stores do this ALL.THE.TIME! (I'm thinking especially of Archivers: they have that first table when you walk in and VOILA there it is). Their objective is for you to purchase, but for us...WOW...this is perfect, to inspire and motivate us!

Just what I read my mind (since we updated the blog almost simultaneously!) I need some motivation!