Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sketch Challenge, Wk 3

Karen greeted me this morning with an email, noting what a challenge this week's SS sketch was.  I admit, I'd only glanced at it.  But, figured no time like the present to work on getting it done.  That's the beauty of having a "pacing partner"...her email motivated me to jump in and give this a try.  Otherwise, I'm thinking I would have just spent the morning surfing.  

The hardest part was finding the right colors.  I knew with the pictures, I didn't need or want anything too overpowering...I tried several color combos before deciding on this stuff from Basic Grey.  And then, once I found the patterned paper, I had only one sheet.  I started to fret, what if I cut it wrong?  This scrap your stash challenge makes me less inclined to say "I'll just buy another sheet" since that defeats the purpose of trying to work through your stash, ya know?

Ok, so paper is picked, pictures are ready and now to put it all together.  That was the easy part.  The only thing I didn't like was how much space my journaling took up.  But then again, some times I struggle with even a sentence or I decided to just hit print and move on.  

This layout just about depletes the stack of photos I had printed back last Fall.  I'm at a good stopping point.  I have one small stack for next week's challenge but really...need to change gears and work on the baby album and another small gift album that I've procrastinated on putting together.

PS:  the challenge is found in the Best of Becky Higgins, pg.  168.  Thumbing through this book, I realize there are a lot of neat sketches that I would like to try.

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