Saturday, January 17, 2009

Title Page

I used to really struggle with title pages.  Remember when "the thing" was to use seasonal stickers and die cuts  to create the idea of  an"all year long" title page for your album?   And how exciting it was to get new stickers because otherwise your title page would look the same as the year before?    If you've been scrapbooking for at least 5 years you  hopefully know what I"m talking about.    If not, I'll try to dig back through my finished albums and show you what I"m talking about.  

I hated how I couldn't think of anything original and all the ideas seemed to be variations on the same.  And yet, I"m so methodical that I need a title page for the album to seem complete.  So, I was often left stuck stewing and not creating.  

But then along came sketches and especially single page layout sketches.  Yeah ideas for title pages.  Because typically, I scrap in double page format only.  Even if the two events aren't related, I work in pairs so they coordinate (I'm a Martha...some things you just can't help).

So this afternoon, when I was putting away my stuff from the sketch challenge, I found this paper.  It came with my consultant kit...oh some two years ago when I signed on with CTMH.  I think they are called "base pages".  Anyways,  I've never really needed to use them but today  I thought...hmm...I could make this into a title page.  Then I dug out the "Life's Delight" special from a couple years ago as well, and repurposed the supplies in that kit.  I highly doubt I"ll make the project it was designed for, and the paper coordinated perfectly with the  base pages I was getting ready to use.  

I like how it turned out....and is summarizes many of the adventures we took in 2007 with the focus being visiting family.  

I think this is it for today.  I'm off to the movie in a few minutes and then would probably get sent to the wife/mommy dog house if I hide out down here once I get back.

I hope you all are enjoying a sunshine filled day like we are...I thought I needed snow to inspire me, but it seems a bright sunny day works too!  

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Karen said...

I love it!

Great job today!