Saturday, January 3, 2009

Proof that I've been busy...

First: Mother Nature has blessed me with my best's supposed to continue to snow through the evening. Already, since I took this picture we've got at least an additional 1/2 inch. YEAH! Of course a snowy day means Hubby is hanging close to home but I planned for that as well: he's upstairs watching some shoot em up type movie that I grabbed for him at the library. Smart wife, always thinking... :) Next is the proof that I've been working. This is my craft shack...or the cave. It's toasty warm today thanks to the space heater. Next are the 2 layouts I worked on. Sorry for the quality of the images, but you get the general idea.
For inspiration, I used a CTMH idea book that I just "had to have" and of course, rarely turn to it. Same with the double page layout. That's the BH sketch book. Again, had to have it, bought it with a coupon (back when Michaels still let you use coupons on books ) and there it has sat. I'm sure I'm the only one that does this, right?
Hope your day has been productive. I'm thinking I need to switch gears for a bit. Seems I caught the "Cyn" fever and am hosting a stamp your stash challenge on Scrapshare. I could cheat and use a card I've already done...but the point of that challenge is to have cards in your stash to have ready when the occasion arises. Cheating won't help with that part now will it?
(this being a Martha is sometimes a blessing and a curse!)

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tz said...

not only am I envious of your creativity i'm super jealous of your scrap room....nice stuff as always