Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pausing my challenge

The time has come.  I can put it off no longer.  
I'm sure we all have some huge mess that we'd rather just close the door on than address.  Such is the case with the closet in the "craft shack".  I'll pick it up from time to time but lately, even that hasn't had much of a long lasting event.

What it needs is a good old fashioned "clean sweep" approach.  So, that's the big project on tap for this week.  

To keep me honest, I'll share my before photos.  
And I've challenged myself:  No playing until this space is in a presentable and orderly state.  
Much as I'd rather play...I know I need to tackle this space.  

Knowing this is my new project, I lost all crafting mojo this weekend.  It's really not that bad as I have spent time with the Things (we went to the park yesterday) and today we're off to a Super Bowl party.  But, I just didn't have it in me to craft since I know such a big project awaits me.

If I can stay on task and focused, I"m hoping to be back in the groove of crafting later this week.  We shall see...If you don't hear from me soon, send in the reinforcements...but not my hubby.  He has NO idea what a mess this closet would not be good to have my secret exposed!  

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Cyn M said...

I hear you on the mess Martha!
When I got home from the Florida retreat, I just dropped my scrap stuff in my scrap area and left it because my mum was arriving shortly after I got home! I had to touch up the house before she got there!
So, this week is my concentration on the scrap space and getting my LayOut A Day projects ready. I have an embellishment center from Making Memories to get organized as well. The ribbon dowels need ribbon on them already! So, I am off to do that since I got my layout posted already for today! :)
Good Luck!
Now, as for reinforcements, I would hazard a guess that I won't be coming to help....afterall, I have my own "area" to finish before I even think of helping someone else!!!
Good luck and I hope it gets done FAST so that you can get onto the Challange of the month!

Keep on Scrappin'!