Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I made a few cards this weekend


Friday, January 8, 2010

Martha's recap of 2009

Wow, has it been a year since we took on this stash challenge? So much has changed...

For starters, thank you Karen for joining me on this adventure. We did indeed start out so strong and so motivated. And then "life" happened. The best thing to come out of this particular challenge? Was getting to know Karen...she's become a dear friend (even if she lives so far away), and she is an awesome pacing partner. These past few months, my personal life has been rather stressful. Going back to school, job stressors, kid worries. And it never seemed to fail that just when I need a "Howdy" email, there is would be from Buddie's momma. She's paced me, encouraged me, listened to me and I am ever so grateful to call her my friend!

I just wish she and her family were a bit closer so we could enjoy some real time adventures.

I'm not motivated to total up my pages or my costs. Those details are buried deep in the mess that is currently the craft room and I need to tackle some other projects first. I know I did better on my spending and I know there were so many wonderful times when I really found my crafting mojo and discovered the joy that comes with using things you already have on hand. I'd have to say this challenge for 2009 was indeed a success.

I'm not sure I'll keep up with this particular challenge(that of using my stash). I know I will not be shopping till I drop: for financial reasons and pure practical reasons. I still have a lot of stash that needs to be used.

However, as I suggested to Karen in an email, I personally plan to shift my focus on this 'craft blog" to one of accountability for the challenge for 2010: the great purge. Karen and I belong to an online community where many of us are taking on the challenge of getting rid of the clutter and "purging".

I plan to use this space to document my I try to reduce the amount of clutter and chaos that fills my home and living spaces. Crafting pursuits will of course cross-over...because really? What better way to clean the clutter of accumulated projects than to finish them?

So stay tuned...the fog here in the House of Chang is starting to lift...and I can feel my motivation and determination building as I am eager to take on this new challenge!

2010: the year of the purge! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 - Karen's Recap

I've had a great year crafting with Martha even with lots of miles separating us. I remember seeing some of her posts and being motivated to head down to the scrap room.

As you can tell we've both had things change in our lives and we haven't made as much time for crafting this fall and holiday season. Or if Martha was like me we just didn't take pictures and make a post. :)

Looking back over the blog I'm amazed at how much we accomplished in the first half of the year. Lots of cards and layouts were completed. I threw in lots of other crafts/hobbies and most were completed from using my stash!

I'm happy to report I did use a lot of my stash. I lurked in the aisles of Hobby Lobby a lot and I really didn't buy as much as usual. I did pick up several packs of solid color card stocks but that's because my stash was empty. I did pick up some patterned pages but I really think it would all fit in one regular size shopping bag.

My year end totals....
178 pages (my goal was 209 I think I did really great!)
33 cards
# of other crafts/cakes unknown but there were a lot. :)

Seriously I haven't scrapped or made cards since April????? That just does not seem possible. But I guess that is when I took the cake class. Sigh! No wonder I'm out of sorts.

Word to the wise, don't let yourself run out of pictures to scrap. That's been my biggest hurdle.

Today I'm taking a snow day. I think I'm going to make it my goal to get my scrap area cleared up. It's become some what of a dumping ground for things that don't really have a home.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Popup Scrapbook

A friend found this idea and was having some problems with the directions. I decided to give it a try and realized this is a super cute and quick idea.

Using a square sheet of paper, I choose 10x10.

1. Fold the paper in half...
popup scrapbook

2. Unfold the paper and fold in half again - so there are 4 squares. Like this...

3. Next we need to cut out a square, leaving a 1 inch flap. I cut on one fold line to the middle and then cut an inch from the corresponding fold line. So we end up with this...

4. Next fold the square opposite the crease on the diagonal. It will look something like this....

5. Crease all folds in both directions to make the book easier to open and close.

6. Repeat 1-5 for the other 3 pages.

7. Now comes the tricky part. With one sheet of paper have the diagonal on the table top and fold the sides up to create a three sided box. Take the flap and put it on the back of the other square to create a free standing box. Like this...

8. Repeat for the other three pages.

9. Fold up the page, pushing the diagonal up to create a square.

10. Place glue on the top of the folded up square and put the next folded up square on top. ***Make sure the diagonals are all pointed in the same direction.*** When all 4 squares are glued together the two outside squares are the covers. This is how the album will look fold up.

11. Open up the squares with the diagonal squares on the table top. It will look something like this....

12. This is how the album will look with the covers together - a ribbon tie or velcro could be used to keep the album open.

Good luck and let us know what you end up creating!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Creations over football

I worked on these while watching football last weekend and this weekend.

One hour scarf pattern - pretty simple and easy for me to make while I was visiting Mom in the hospital.


Football banner - I worked on the footballs while my Mom was in surgery. This was a great project because I kept busy and I didn't have to think too much. I finally got them stitched together this weekend.

Close up of the footballs


Super simple Boo banner - I saw this idea online and it was very easy to make. I used the Cricut Cursive cart.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Creative weekend

I spent a lot of time relaxing and creating this weekend. No paper crafts this time, other crafts were calling.

I've been wanting to make a fall banner but wanted to do something besides "happy fall" "happy harvest", etc. I read Elsie's blog and thought about making her leaf banner. Thinking of my family I changed it to footballs.


I cut them out of felt and I used embroidery floss to chain three together to get my DH's opinion. Then I got the rest cut out. I need some busy work later this week and this will totally fit the bill.


I found the Hope pattern free on a blog and love how it turned out. I framed it tonight and I'm going to put it on my desk at work.

My mom had some projects for me too....

a little fall basket for my aunts entry way

a little wreath for my aunts front door.

I love that my mom introduced me to a lot of different crafts/hobbies growing up. For as long as I can remember we have been creating things for decorations or gifts. I don't remember what I learned first sewing, arranging flowers, knitting or embroidery. I told her this weekend that I have too many hobbies but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Christmas file folder planner

I'm planning ahead for Christmas this year and want to make most of the gifts I give. I decided to make some of these Christmas file folder planners - limiting myself to things I have on hand. The idea has been around for awhile and they are very easy to make.

I ended up using some of my favorite papers and snowman sticker but I'm OK with it because I know these will get some use. I left mine fairly simple because I'm planning on them being a purse planner.

Here's all three planners:

I embellished the front of one:

The inside of the stripped cover:

The inside of the ornament cover:

The inside of the green cover:

If this has inspired you to create your own planner, please leave us a comment and a link to your blog.

I'm off to decide which planner I want to keep. I had an idea but I love them all!

Included below are the instructions and where I found the calendar & page inserts.

1) Use a two pocket folder without the three ring holder. Mine had the three ring holder but it was stapled in so I gently took it out.
2) Optional: I chose to make my folder shorter so I took off about 2 in at the top. I went just above the top staple - my folder has 3 staples.
3) Fold the folder open so that the outside's are touching and the pockets are out.
4) Find the mid point of one pocket side and gently score from the top of the folder to the bottom. Do the same thing on the other side.
5) On one pocket side, fold so that the outside edge meets the middle of the folder. Repeat for the second pocket.
6) Attach a ribbon or string to the original outside edges of the folder. This will be used to tie the folder closed.
7) Cover the folder, outside and in with your favorite papers. I used a glue stick, others have used glue, mod podge or other adhesives.

I chose to line the inside of the folder with one sheet of paper and not do the pockets. A lot of people line the inside of each pocket and the pockets with different coordinating papers.

I found the calendar and other sheets at Organized Christmas. I trimmed 1/2 in off each side and the bottom. Leaving the 1/2 in at the top so that I could fold over my colored paper. I trimmed the white sheets to three inches across. I made the colored backing 4 x 9 inches and folded over a 1/2 so the total height is 8.5 in. I used brads to hold everything together. I recommend flat brads or staples - I didn't use those and it's a little bulky at the top.