Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspired by Riesling

It's been an odd day:  weather wise and friendship wise (not a big deal, but my paths crossed with Neg. Nellie and I swear she's on Happy Pills!  She just seemed so non-negative.  What's up with that?  And if any locals see this,  since I didn't see YOU today,  you aren't the Negative Nelly) at dinner I suggested we open a bottle of wine...and afterwards, I found myself here in the craft shack.  Slightly buzzed and had a moment of inspiration.

I grabbed some card bases (the scalloped part) that I bought last summer with every intention of using for something and grabbed a packet of CTMH paper that I can't stand (Paper Garden:  way too bright and busy for my style of SBing).  and decided to make some note cards.

I owe a bunch of people some sort of thinking of you card and figured I'd crank out these cards and gasp...write them a letter instead of sending them a card.  

so, in less than an hour, I've made 12 of these cards.  All slightly different since the embellishment sticker is from a K&Co. sticker sheet with no two alike.  But, I'm proud to say I used up all the scalloped base card stock that I had AND most of the lavender ribbon and all of that ugly patterned purple paper. 

Hmmm...maybe wine is the key lost mojo after all?  

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Lee said...

THAT'S IT!! Wine is the key to Mojo :) You're brilliant, Martha. Love the card.