Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend plans: March 21-22

Ahh the weekend has finally arrived!

Last night I started working on a Happy Easter Banner - I'll share pics when I'm done. I wanted to use bigger eggs but didn't have a template and there's no ink for the printer. :( So I'm using the CM CSS special edition egg shape and I'll mat them.

I'm hoping for some quality crafting time today, I have a brunch/social with my sorority and after that no set plans. Maybe I'll make a fun(?) housekeeping binder - to store my schedule and all the hints and tips. :) I need to make a stock pile of cards - I'm tired of making them at the last minute. And I need to finish our March Challenge - using stamps and a new to me stamping technique. Hmmm sounds like it fits making cards, LOL!

Sounds like Martha has some plans with her boys, not sure if she'll have crafting time today?

Have a great weekend and if your weather is warm get out and enjoy it.

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Martha said...

Oh honey, I"ll make time for crafting....I always do...because if I don''s not a pretty sight.

And yep, I too think I want to shift gears for a bit and play with my great minds think alike.

more than likely, won't get around to playing until tomorrow...I promised we'd take the younger thing shopping for a bike. Yeah, he looks like the circus bear riding a bike with his current set of wheels.