Sunday, March 15, 2009

See ya, 'O7

YES!  I knew I was getting close to the end of the photos for 2007, but this morning when I pulled out my book of photos to be worked on, I realized I was closer than I had thought.  So while I stalked SS for this week's scrapbook challenge, I decided to just jump in and finish up these lingering layouts.  For inspiration on the Fall Humbug, I used an idea from Simple Scrapbooks (Mar/Apr. 09, pg 42).  I liked the way they'd used very similar photos to tell a story.  I try not to use duplicate type photos in a layout but sometimes it's important to convey the right "thought" so this sketch worked well for what I had in mind. 
For the others, I think I had my Best of Becky Higgins book nearby but can't really say I used a sketch.  I did for the Santa's Village, because that was for the SS sketch challenge wk. 9.  But the rest, I just sort of threw things together.
Yeah, yeah...I'll shut up and just show you what I"ve done.
It's 12:30ish local time...and I"m still in my jammies.  I best call it a wrap and go back to my usual mom/wife responsibilities.  But, I"m leaving a happy scrapper...having found time for some crafty pursuits....and that is always a good thing indeed!  

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Karen said...

Matha, great job! Those are awesome layouts & congrats on being done with 2007!