Saturday, March 14, 2009

WWYD: All caught up...

Ah, something I only dream about...being caught up in my scrapbooks.
But, really, if I continue on this pace, the reality of being caught up on the family stuff, is a very real possibility.

So, as Karen pondered this in her comments on another entry, I thought I'd open it up for others to chime in.

Please, under the comments, share with us what you'd do if you found yourself all caught up on your own stuff?

For me, I'd take on some sort of service project.  Maybe work with Make a Wish to make an album for a family that got to take a Wish adventure.  I'd also do some work for friends.    I've done that many of times before when I'm not feeling inspired/motivated to work on my own stuff...I offer to make pages for others, or more often, make a small gift album for someone who enjoys my talents.  If you don't like scrapbooking and have openly shared your "eh, whatever" feelings, don't expect to ever get a martha creation.  I'd rather learn a new hobby than spend time on a project for someone who doesn't "get it" in the first place.  

So, come on ladies...comment away...what would you do IF...

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