Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend plans: 28-29 March

How did we manage to get to the end of March this fast?

Today I'm spending it doing mom/scout parent things.  But tomorrow, I'm eager to get in the craft room and play.  I've got on layout set out and ideas for two more.  YEAH ME, my mojo has returned.

I did manage to make some invitations for an Easter luncheon that we're hosting.  Normally, I just e-vite or call but I was feeling crafty and had some paper that I didn't see myself ever using in a layout so I made 4 invitations.  I forgot to take a photo but they turned out really cute and very high end looking.  And, didn't cost me a dime because I used all my stash to make them.

Ok, so the Things are hollering at me to take them sledding.  Since Spring snow lasts for such a short time, I"d best head off and do the mom thing.  

But tomorrow?  I'm claiming it for MYSELF!  

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