Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend plans

Ahh the weekend is here again. I was lucky and only worked a half a day on Friday and took a little vacation time. We are at my SIL's house - I call it a hotel because we have our own cozy room with a fire place and they let us bring Buddie. The food and conversation is awesome and we spend time relaxing and being a family.

This time, since I usually get a little fidgety I brought along some card making supplies. DH rolled his eyes a little but put it in the car anyway. Last night and this morning I've been busy making cards at the dining room table. Everyone else is in the connected living room and the conversation has been flowing. Almost like a retreat.

So I finished five or so cards last night and three so far this morning. And the only papers I brought were my CM storybox sets...note to self next time remember some additional white cardstock.

I hope that everyone is having a nice and relaxing weekend. We will head home tomorrow afternoon and hope to avoid the yucky weather coming.

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Martha said...

Great that your card making idea is working out! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
If necessary, just make card "fronts" and add the white card stock "card base" once you get home. I've done that before.

As for me and my plans, we were supposed to have a blizzard but the snow fizzled and all that arrived is wind and cold with a few flurries. But, I've got one sketch challenge done and have dreams of getting another one down. The goal is to finish up FL 08 vacation pictures during the weekend. We shall see....I really want to get to a good stopping point since next weekend is Easter and I won't be able to entertain 17 people AND crop.

Karen: safe travels home tomorrow!