Friday, March 13, 2009


Yeah, the weekend is here.  Even as a SAHM, I so look forward to the weekends.  Things are usually quieter and I find time for more crafty pursuits, less concerned about household responsibilities.

So, anyways, it's been a long week (scout drama taking up way more time than it should.  Sheesh...) and having been out of town last weekend, I'm MORE.THAN.READY. to get crafty.

As for my plans, I'm hoping to finish up a layout I'd started 2 weekends ago.  I need to also take a look at the SS sketch challenge and see where I am on that.  And then, I'd like to work on making some cards.  My friend's hubby turns 50 and I need to make him a bday card...any ideas?  I have such a hard time with "guy" cards.  Except for my guy:  as long as it has a motorcycle on it, you are good to go.  

I could ramble some more, but instead, I"ll stop now...head off and clean off my work space so that first thing tomorrow morning I can start creating!  :)

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Karen said...

Go Martha Go!

I finished up the layout I started this morning before work and then did a couple more. Not sure how much scrap time I'll get in this weekend. What happens to a scrapper that runs out of pictures? I'm on July 08 and have been doing project 365 for this year.