Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wrapping things up...

Looking at the schedule for this week, I know I won't get to any more crafting for the month, so I decided to add up my pages done.  33 pages completed.  I believe that's a personal best for me. Granted it might not be 100% accurate.  Some of those might have been done late March and I'm too lazy to figure out exactly which ones go where.    Regardless they are pages done and ready for sharing.  

More exciting for me is that this last layout, with my Things and their cousins, is the ending page for the baby album.  I always love it when I finish a project and it is all set to be mailed off to my SIL.

Hubby was being rather silly when I showed him the completed baby album.  He ooh'd and aah'd appropriately and then without cracking a smile he remarked "Too bad our kids don't have anything like this"...I almost started to offer my rebuttal when he cracked a smile and I realized he was teasing me.   

Now I really must get to ordering some new pictures.  Because, gasp, if I don't...I'm not really sure I have anything ready to pull out and work on when the next opportunity presents itself.  

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Karen said...

Congrats, Miss Martha!