Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catching up....

A few weeks ago when I was on a mini vacation to my sister in laws house (we lovingly refer to it as Hotel M.) and she has an awesome craft room where I set up for a morning card making session. My juju wasn't flowing but I came home with these cards


I gave them to my secret sister as part of my big reveal gift and she loved them so much she's not sure she can send them out. :) That and the drool a lot of ladies were doing helped me out a lot!

Last week I started a new adventure. A friend and I signed up for cake decorating 101. I've played around with it before but wanted to learn the right techniques and I want to learn to make roses. :) Monday I decorated my first cake. Now no laughing. I know my letters aren't spaced right and they are wobbly. I was tired of being crammed into to 2 feet of space while the lady to my left had one six foot table and another 6 inches of mine. sigh! She so did not follow the towel marks my area rule.

Any way without further ado here it is...

I thought I'd mark the cake as mine since I didn't get a Momma's Day card from Buddie.

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Martha said...

Yum...cake....but like the cards, it looks too pretty to eat.
Oh no...never mind, cake must always be enjoyed!

The cards are also very fun and spring like! And perfect for giving as a gift since they are bright and "Springy" general all purpose cards...anyone would enjoy such a card!