Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Plans: 25-26 April...

When your craft desk looks like this jumbled mess (yes, it is a slightly blurry photo, but it sort of diminishes the real life horror of it, thank you very much...) it's hard to have motivation, much less a plan.

First order of business is to clean off the desk and figure out how many pages I need to do to finish up the nephew's baby gift album.  I'm down to those last few layouts:  which are often the hardest, you know?  I want to make sure the whole story is told in terms of Baby N's first month of life.  

Next up will be to  plan out  and order photos for my next project.  
What shall I work on?  I think I"d like to work on updating the Things School albums.  I wait until the end of each school year to update the year all at one time.  It makes it easier for me to feature the highlights and keep from "over-doing" the year.  Only problem is, we're fast approaching the end of the current school year, and I've yet to update their books with the previous grade's events.  

So off  I go...
Oh, one final case you ever wondered:  those plastic sheets that cover your cricuit mat?  Are very slick and slippery if you step on one that has been carelessly tossed on the low pile carpet here in the basement.  The good news is nobody witnessed my tumble.  The bad news is, I"m icing and propping up my ankle...hoping I didn't twist it!  :(

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Martha said...

mini update: the baby album is DONE. YEAH!!!!!!!!

Photos to follow...
Huge relief to have that project finished.