Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello? Anyone home?

Yep, Karen is right..we've both found ourselves taking other paths of late.  Crafting has always been something I do for "me".  And with Spring, I continue to make time for me but it's been in the flower boxes and on the couch with a good book (or two...).  

So while I've not been cranking out the crafts, I am feeling rested, refreshed and energized, making time for activities that make me happy...even if not in the craft room.

This weekend I would like to get back to a couple scrapbook projects that are sitting off to the side of the desk.  The weather forecast is such that outdoor activities are iffy as the day progresses from morning to afternoon so I think I just might manage a page or two.

So, for my weekend goals, I hope to work on 2 sketch challenges and see what Creative Challenges Amy has made over on her area.  If I get these 3 things tackled, I could easily see myself very fulfilled and still have time for a good book on the couch!  

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