Sunday, February 22, 2009

Got Mojo?

Wow...I sure have had  a good healthy dose of crafting mojo this weekend.  I can't remember when I was this productive over just a regular weekend.  And more importantly, I can't recall when I have been this  pleased with how my layouts  all turned out.  Seems like lately, I've just been "ah, at least they are done", but for a couple of these...I'm really excited about the final results.

I think a lot is a reflection of the  pictures:  I had a lot of good pictures to choose from, and was scrapbooking one of my favorite places to go:  our neighborhood pool.  We really do live in a great neighborhood!  
This first layout is from SS Sketch challenge wk6.  I didn't have enough photos to make it a 2 page spread.  So, one side is my birthday, and the other is just a summary page of my neighborhood gal pals.  You probably can't read the journaling, but Hubby calls us "The coven".  Pretty accurate description.  We enjoy stirring the pot and cast spells on those that annoy us!  :)
The second one is from GaCyn's challenge, wk 7 I think on SS.  Love my Things and love this photo of them.  Rare that they both cooperate and to be wearing their Thing shirts, well, that was a double blessing!  

These two are from our annual Party in the Park celebration.  Didn't use a sketch, gasp...did this one ALL on my own.  It was easy...the bright colors worked well, and again...I'm so happy doing layouts of my neighborhood.  
This was the last one for the weekend.  Just a Hodge podge of photos that I wanted to scrapbook but didn't really warrant their own layouts.  OMG:  that must be a mistake...I fear I finally managed to get a picture of Hubby!   He's even less willing to have his photo taken than moi!  

And finally, the SS challenge, wk 8.  It's from a BH sketch that I've used many of times.  I'm excited I was able to stamp in the corner of the RHS.  That stamp set is from a CTMH set, from?last month...Key to my heart.  Love the swirlies!  

And well...with this, I must clean up my space and shift gears...I would like to get a few pages done on the baby album.  but, it was fun to spend the weekend working on my own family pages.  

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laura said...

I do check in here from time to time and have enjoyed looking at your layouts. You make it look so quick and easy! Keep at it, your albums are a blessing for your family and an inspiration for your friends.