Monday, February 16, 2009

The last from the weekend...

I finished up these two sketch challenges this morning.  (From the BOBecky Higgins and a page map from ?Feb. 07).  The second sketch (Math Masters) was a real challenge for me.  Taking pictures at school assemblies is tricky and I never get a shot that I"m pleased with.  But these assemblies are a big part of the Things elementary years so I felt the need to document and journal what I had.  I've tried everything to get a clearer shot and it just doesn't seem to work with the lighting in the cafeteria, the movement of the children and the general sense of chaos during this event.  Go with what you have and be done with it...that's my motto of late.
I've cleaned off the desk and will likely pack things up until the next weekend.  I could make the time to scrapbook during the week but it never feels right.  Weekends are when I do my best work...I just need to live with this reality.

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