Sunday, February 1, 2009

Retreat summary

I had a great time at our retreat this weekend. I accomplished more pages than I ever dreamed I would. Sorry for not posting pics but I was in the grove.

I finished 74 pages for myself. My December Daily/Christmas album is totally complete and I finished all of the layouts I had preplanned.

I also finished 5 Disney pages for a friend. On Sat I was tired of scrapping my own pics and she was moaning about all the pics she had left. She wanted to finish her album before her next trip in March so I was all to happy to help out.

Talked to Amy and peaked her interest on our take of the challenge. That it's all about using what you have on hand and not holding out for that perfect paper or embellishment. And that I (not sure about Martha) will still shop - cause usually when I find cute papers at the LSS if I don't pick them up I can't find them again.

I need to take some pics of my favorite layouts - some need a few finishing details.


Lee said...

Holy smokes, woman. 74 pages! That's AMAZING. Good for you :) I can't wait to see a few pics.

Martha said...

WOW...must have been because that annoying Colorado chick wasn't there to distract you with her chatter!

Seriously, that suggests to me that the energy of the Kottage was great. I love that place: it's tucked away from all the distractions of bigger locations and the women folk that come just have all that midwest hospitality going that makes me feel like I've gone back home! :)

Martha said...

p.s.: yep, it isn't about no spending but more about creating not just acquiring. In my mind, we can still acquire stuff.

Karen said...

Martha - that is so not true. I do better when there is chatter and laughter at a retreat. Just can't do my journaling.

I was amazed when I totaled everything up. It helped that the Christmas album was a 9x9ish size.

I think both Amy and Stacie accomplished their goals & Linda ran out of pictures.

Cyn M said...

Holy Cannoli! Go Karen! Are you counting them for January or February? WOW!!! 74 is awesome for a retreat!
If I tried to knock that many out, I wouldn't get to socialize and people would think that there was something "WRONG" with me because I was quiet!!!

Way to go!!!