Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Plans: 27 Feb- 1 March

Wow, did this week go by quickly or what?  Oh forget about the week, more like this month has sped by.  It dawned on me yesterday morning I needed to pay  my property taxes.  (yeah, why give them their $ a moment too soon?).  I knew I had until the end of the month... it just hadn't dawned on me that tomorrow is the end of the month.  Luckily, I dropped the check in the mail and the fine print assures me all I need is a postmark by the 1st of March so I should be all good to go with the tax collectors.  

That same feeling of UH OH  is applied to this month's Scrap our Stash challenge.  I was to have altered an item.  I had something in mind, I just never got around to it.  And I've decided not to fret...unlike paying taxes, these challenges are just "if you are so inclined" least I"m hoping Karen won't assess me a penalty for doing my altered item a little bit late.  Right, Karen?  

As for this weekend, I'm not sure what I'll get accomplished.  Tomorrow is a day of scouting activities so I fear I'll be putting the crafty pursuits on the back burner.  I think tomorrow I'll work on getting my totals for the month finalized and submitted.  If I can accomplish more than that, I'll consider it a bonus.  

And Sunday marks a new month...not sure what's on the agenda for the rest of the family, but I"d like to get at least the SS challenge done Sunday morning.  We shall see.

So, do share...what are  your plans for the weekend?  


Lee said...

You and Karen have certainly be going gangbusters - good for you! I think you will be forgiven the lack of an altered item. After all, this is a HOBBY, right? I can tell you, though, the LOAD challenge was incredible. So glad I did it, but also looking forward to March 1 and not having a layout due :) No plans (other than hockey playoffs, of course). Something to think about this weekend. Have a good one, ladies :)

Karen said...

Oh Martha, I think I can give you this month. I remember you making lots of Valentines with your boys and Feb is such a short month. =) All that and the fact that I have no idea where I am with all of my challenges & stuff. I'm hoping to find some time to scrap this weekend - we'll see if the desire is there.