Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Plans: 21-22 Feb

For starters, Karen, when/if you read heartfelt condolences to you and Boyd.  I know this week has been hard on you, and the weekend will be even harder as you say your final goodbyes to your beloved BIL/father-figure.  Hang in there...try to celebrate the small gift that comes with a you gather together with friends and family and share the many stories of L.    
And if at all possible, try to take a photo or aunt gave me quite the evil eye when I snapped some photos at my mom's funeral...but you know what?  Those photos are some of my most treasured memories of that very sad time in our live.  I look back and remember how so many of our friends and families stopped their own busy lives to mourn with us.  Without those pictures,  I don't think I'd have that many "happy" memories, ya know?  :)

And as for me, my plans this weekend do not involve a funeral...
Instead, I'm hoping to get some caught up on some of the SS sketch challenges and figure out my plans for the next batch of photos that arrived this past week.  YOWZA, my line up of projects is pretty darn long.

So enough with the chatter...I'm off to start the day...

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