Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brag Book 5x7

I've had this project on my stack for....well, way too long.  But today I told myself the time had come.  Just do it...and while it isn't exactly as I imagined it to look, I"m grateful to have the project done.

These photos were from almost 2 years ago (5.07 and 6.07).    My friend Marcie turned 40 and we had a couple different events planned that celebrated this big day for her.  The highlight for me was our weekend of cropping.  Now, I could be wrong, but I fear that was the last time I went to a weekend retreat that didn't involve packing a suitcase and catching a plane.  
That simply needs to has been TOO long.

Back to the project at hand.  I'll make a card and take the entire project and mail it to her.  Sure, she really does live just around the corner...but I can only imagine the smile it will bring to her face to go check her mail next week and find this memory book waiting for her.  
Practice Random Acts of kindness...even in the scrapbooking variety and even if the event occurred way too long ago...the thought will still be appreciated I'm sure of that!  

PS:  I have no idea what the letters on the title page  stand for...she's a huge a rocker and she and her BFF, Debbie go to loads of concerts.  This is something they came up inside joke of sorts.  I'd wanted to do more of a Bon Jovi theme (since she would like to be Mrs. Bon Jovi should that ever present itself as an option) but with this size of an album there isn't much room for added details.  So, I just used the DCWV Rock Star paper and kept things rather simple.  Simple and done:  ain't nothing wrong with that!  And the cost involved:  nada, since like I said...I'd bought all the stuff way too long ago...just needed to take time to put it all together.  

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Karen said...

Looks great Martha! Glad you finally got this off your stack, I know it's been bothering you for a bit.