Saturday, April 4, 2009

Florida memories..

A cold Spring day here.  We were to have gotten a lot of snow but luckily that part of the storm fizzled and all we have is cold and windy.  A good day for going to FL...if just in my memories.
Still working through the stack from our Vacation in January 08. 
What did I use:  well, sketches of course.  I fear I don't scrap without them any more.
I used some paper from K & Co. called Roam series.  SHHH:  I bought it new last month.  
Sure, Use your stash...but when you see a great clearance sale on something you know you'll use and is just right for your style and color interests, then get it is my interpretation of this year long challenge
The other stuff is from CTMH Emporium series.  I love this paper set and find myself wanting to hoard it.  Um, hello...that's the part of this challenge I"m really embracing...NOT hoarding stuff, use it now.  If you totally love it and need more later on, then get it...but don't wait...use it
(that's my own little pep talk, feel free to move on...I know, you are only here for the pictures...)

This marks the end of my work for today.  I see the sun shining in on the couch and feel a nap is a good way to finish up the afternoon.  Maybe tomorrow I can get back down here and finish up my FL adventure.  

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