Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scrapping time

I had some time on Saturday afternoon to get some scrapping done. I was motivated to get caught up on all the SS sketch challenges since another message board is starting a new challenge on Monday.

Here are my favs...

Nephew 1

Nephew 2

I love my nephews to bits but after scrapping baseball and football for them, my mom and me - well I'm tired of black and orange! Any advice from other mom's who do lots of school photos? I think my biggest problem is how to use them without it feeling like halloween.

Finished the latest challenge on Saturday night after my family Easter dinner.




Martha said...

Looks like you had a rewarding weekend!

As for what to do on the sports...we're not big into sports but I hear you about the heavy concentration of certain color themes...I'm wondering if you could go with more earth tones for the football photos like you did in the first layout...and play up more of the Fall season than the team colors?

Lee said...

Great layouts! It's so rewarding to get stuff done :)

I do a ton of sport photos - Cole's hockey is red, white and blue; Claire's baseball is navy and yellow; Claire's uniform is navy and light blue. Lots of repetitive colours, but I do tend to mirror them in my paper choices.

Would you consider printing your photos in B&W and then using whatever paper you want? Maybe use Martha's idea to make it more seasonal?

I'm always looking for challenge blogs and boards, which one have you found? Spill!!