Friday, January 8, 2010

Martha's recap of 2009

Wow, has it been a year since we took on this stash challenge? So much has changed...

For starters, thank you Karen for joining me on this adventure. We did indeed start out so strong and so motivated. And then "life" happened. The best thing to come out of this particular challenge? Was getting to know Karen...she's become a dear friend (even if she lives so far away), and she is an awesome pacing partner. These past few months, my personal life has been rather stressful. Going back to school, job stressors, kid worries. And it never seemed to fail that just when I need a "Howdy" email, there is would be from Buddie's momma. She's paced me, encouraged me, listened to me and I am ever so grateful to call her my friend!

I just wish she and her family were a bit closer so we could enjoy some real time adventures.

I'm not motivated to total up my pages or my costs. Those details are buried deep in the mess that is currently the craft room and I need to tackle some other projects first. I know I did better on my spending and I know there were so many wonderful times when I really found my crafting mojo and discovered the joy that comes with using things you already have on hand. I'd have to say this challenge for 2009 was indeed a success.

I'm not sure I'll keep up with this particular challenge(that of using my stash). I know I will not be shopping till I drop: for financial reasons and pure practical reasons. I still have a lot of stash that needs to be used.

However, as I suggested to Karen in an email, I personally plan to shift my focus on this 'craft blog" to one of accountability for the challenge for 2010: the great purge. Karen and I belong to an online community where many of us are taking on the challenge of getting rid of the clutter and "purging".

I plan to use this space to document my I try to reduce the amount of clutter and chaos that fills my home and living spaces. Crafting pursuits will of course cross-over...because really? What better way to clean the clutter of accumulated projects than to finish them?

So stay tuned...the fog here in the House of Chang is starting to lift...and I can feel my motivation and determination building as I am eager to take on this new challenge!

2010: the year of the purge! :)

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