Tuesday, December 30, 2008

QTR1 mini Challenges...

Here are  some challenges to try for the first quarter of 2009.  I've made them monthly since I believe in realistic goals.  My personal goal is to scrapbook once a month on the weekend.  More is better...but I know that life gets in the way.  I

If we need more challenges and mini goals, let me know and I can come up with something.  

JANUARY:  Sketch It!
I suspect we're all guilty of it.  We find a great sketch on a website, magazine or even in a  book and promise ourselves we're going to use it "some day".  Well, this month, some day IS here...force yourself to pull out at least one stashed sketch and use it.    Once you're done, share it with us so we can provide each other with appropriate oohs and ahhs.

FEBRUARY:  Alter It!
Perhaps I speak  just for myself, but I know in my closet, I have stacks of stuff that I hope to alter some day.  There are composition books, coasters, even some wooden letters...all waiting for me to alter  and make a work of art using my SB supplies.  This is the month to pull out that non-scrapbook project and alter away.  Again, once you are done, share it with us.  Keep it for yourself,  or give it away...it matters not....just do it!  

MARCH:  Stamp It!
Pull out at least two of your stamp sets that have never been used and use them.  It's a wide open challenge...you can stamp a card, or stamp on a scrapbook page.  Or, if you didn't quite get around to last month's challenge, you can stamp on your altered project.  As always, share with us your creation.  

What, you don't have any unused stamp sets?  Trust me, I've got plenty to share...
Let me know what other types of challenges we should try.  

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