Monday, December 29, 2008


Thank you Martha for pointing out this challenge and making the suggestion to be pacing partners!

I am hoping this will help inspire me to complete 209 pages in 2009. My goal in 08 was 208 and while I'm a few pages short I'm happy with what I've accomplished.

This year I want to change how I scrap. Each time I develop/print pictures Boyd complains that he never gets to see them and I never bring out my completed scrapbooks. I need to make a plan, maybe make some displays with my favorite pages or put a book out with my favorite pages. Of course that means I need to start scrapping with my latest pictures, which aren't developed yet....sigh!

Maybe we can issue a few challenges along the way. I know I have a lot of things not paper related that need to be used.

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Martha said...

209 pages? YOWZA...I'd love to accomplish just 109!

I've got three 12x12 frames in my basement craft rooom and the theory was to "display" seasonal photos. Um...the current displayed photos are from Summer 06. Yikes..not only am I two seasons off, but two years behind.